TNT – Teens In Transition

The TNT program is for children who are aging out of Travay Bondye.  At age 18, children must move out of Travay Bondye in accordance with Haitian law.  While in the eyes of the state they are viewed as adults, it is understood that they need guidance, supervision, and assistance as they make the transition from child to adult and from being cared for to being able to provide for themselves.  We hope graduates from Travay Bondye will be successful, impactful members of Haitian society and TNT helps them make this transition.  At age 18, they move to a new home with a house manager.  They are given house rules and are expected to attend classical school and either work or attend a trade school certificate program.  If they follow the program, they can stay in the home for up to two years.  The program assists with savings/financial planning and spiritual development in addition to the basics like food, water, and clothing.  Each September, new young adults join the TNT program.  The TNT program is funded and managed by our partners Hand Up Ministries.  More info can be found here: