• A Home Of Our Own

    Grangou has been renting homes for Travay Bondye since the doors opened in 2010 and is currently in their 5th property. This has been difficult since standard family homes are not designed to accommodate 70 children and moving frequently is disruptive to our children who already have a history of instability. The great news is, we have the opportunity to change this! The current home, as of October 2017, is for sale and it was designed as a home for children! It has 6 small houses (8 rooms) on a large property each with their own bathrooms and showers. There is a large yard, basketball court, storage and a covered multipurpose room for meals and group meetings. It is perfect! We have arranged for a two-year lease, but if we can raise the funds we can purchase the home and will have a HOME OF OUR OWN! The cost of the property is $290,000 plus legal fees. We need your help to do it! Can you commit to a one-time donation or a recurring payment for the next two years to help us reach this goal and provide stability, safety and a HOME for these kids?
    $158,500.00 donated of $290,000.00 goal
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