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    Grangou began its story in 2007 with a trip to Haiti due to an international adoption. Upon arrival in the country, God started planting the seeds for Grangou. It was the countless abandoned children on the streets of busy Port au Prince that united our three co-founders, Haitian and American, to form an alliance with the commitment to help at risk children.

    Not knowing where things would lead, they officially began Grangou in July 2008 and prayed that God would direct this calling. In April 2009, they were introduced to a group of children living on the streets and they began building relationships. They consistently visited the kids, brought supplies and delivered food every month for many months. In January 2010, an earthquake devastated Haiti. Not one of the kids was harmed! In the end, the earthquake allowed Grangou to receive funding to help open a home in July 2010.

    Today Grangou helps fund Travay Bondye, a home for abandoned and at-risk children.  Travay Bondye employees over 20 Haitians and is run by Haitians for Haitians.  With little funding from the government for foster care or children in dangerous environments, Travay Bondye seeks to provide a safe home for children in need and empower Haitians to make change in their own country.

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