Grangou is dedicated to raising awareness about the extreme difficulties of life in Haiti as well as feeding the hearts, minds and bodies of Haitians in need. Our desire is to reach a nation hungry for hope and change; one person at a time.


ZANFRAN_CIRCLEGrangou has been working with street kids since April 2009 and opened Zanfan Lakay, a home for former street children in 2010. There are currently over 60 children living in the home….


The kids at Travay Bondye are with us for various reasons and they all have a different story.  Many of these stories are filled with pain and hopelessness.  We believe God has delivered them into our hands so we can help them write a new story  filled with hope, love and acceptance.  We are committed to providing for their physical and spiritual needs so they might grow and heal and eventually contribute to the health of their nation.  We provide meals, clean water, shelter, medical care, an education and a family We are more than excited to see what God has in store as we continue on this journey!   In order for our organization to plan and continue to provide this care, we ask that you would consider partnering with us by submitting a one time donation or by setting up a recurring monthly donation to help us keep going and growing!    For only $35 a month you can help provide the physical needs of a child and for $40 a month you can provide a Christian education for a child.  We can even match you up with a child and keep you informed of their progress.  We really need your help for this ministry!  Please consider investing in their future.






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